Sunday, April 20, 2008

Test data protection solutions

There has a been a lot of comment in the UK about testing with live data and the security implications. Nice to see that there is interest in other places as well such as in this article

Creating artificial data is not only time-consuming and expensive, but it does not reproduce the real environment, subsequently most companies rather use production data for testing purposes, states João de Oliveira of MigrationWare.

He says that security around personal data tends to be less stringent in the testing than it is in the production environment and companies failing to take correct measures to protect their data are putting people's personal information at risk.

In Europe, all organisations have had to implement a data protection policy. The implications of non-compliance are significant, with guilty organisations facing the possibility of being put out of business, or having their directors held personally culpable, explains De Oliveira.

Locally, government is working on the Protection of Personal Information Bill and a new body, the Information Protection Commission, will be established to monitor and enforce compliance with the Act, he says. De Oliveira suggests that companies looking to comply with future legislation should start putting into place appropriate de-identification practices to ensure sensitive personal or financial data is not at risk during software testing.

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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Oracle buy testing tool suite

The trend of large IT solution providers to add test tools to their array of offerings continues with the Oracle acquisition of the Empirix Web application testing suite, which it states it will integrate with its own Enterprise Manager and Real Application Testing solutions.

Accordiing to eWeek

[Oracle] announced March 27 that it has entered into an agreement to acquire the e-TEST product suite from Empirix, a company that provides voice and Web application testing and monitoring software.

Oracle plans to integrate the software with its Enterprise Manager and Real Application Testing portfolios. The combination, company officials said, is "expected to result in a comprehensive solution for testing packaged and custom built applications."

Oracle is also in the process of acquiring BEA Systems, which has substantial application development tools. The e-TEST suite will likely augment any application development capabilities in BEA.

"Customers are looking for automated application testing solutions that help prevent costly application performance problems, avoid unplanned outages of business-critical applications, and automate the manual steps involved in application testing," said Leng Leng Tan, vice president of applications and systems management at Oracle, in a statement.

Oracle has announced the next version of CRM On Demand. Click here to read more.

"We expect that the combination of Empirix's e-TEST suite and Oracle's Enterprise Manger will create a best-of-breed systems management portfolio spanning the full application life cycle, from development and testing to production deployment and management."

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Monday, April 07, 2008

Risk Based Testing

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