Saturday, September 29, 2007

Careers in software testing

Top ten results searching with "careers software testing":

Software testing careers
If you interesting in a career rather than just a job in software testing in the UK, contact Acutest, an independent testing consultancy

Welcome to Career Testers – Affordable Software Testing Courses – Half The Price!
Do you want to succeed in a sought after and rewarding software testing career? Software Testing is a process used to identify the correctness, completeness and Software Testing: Books: Ron Patton Software Testing: Books: Ron Patton by Ron Patton ... geared for people beginning or thinking of beginning a software testing career.

IT Testing Training Course - IT Test Analyst Career Opportunities
... Training Programme that leads to an IT career as a Java or C#.NET Developer, ... The objective of FDM Academy's software testing training course is to provide
Portal:Software Testing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Certification : National Software Testing Laboratories, ISTQB, CSTE, ... Software Testing as career in Pakistan, edit. Things you can do

Microsoft Careers — Technical — Software Testing
Career Paths. Worldwide Operations. Corporate Operations. Human Resources. Finance ... Technical/Software Testing. A Passion for Quality
Bret Pettichord's Software Testing Hotlist
Resources for Professional Software Testers ... A UML Testing Framework, Martin Fowler, Software Development, April 1999 ... A Career in Software Testing

Intense testing
Career Opportunities. Are you in search of an opportunity to make your mark in Software Testing? ... grow in the ever-demanding world of software testing.
Bug hunting is not a career : Software Testing & Solutions : BCS Review 2006 Online : BCS
... on a real career path in software testing that is defined, recognized ... A real career path in software testing is now widely recognized and well defined.

Software & systems test courses to advance your career
specialist courses in software testing and related topics ... Software Testing Test Automation SQL Fundamentals Career Clinic

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Stress testing

Top results when searching for Stress Testing

Liquidity Stress Testing & Scenario Analysis
FSA Liquidity Stress Testing & Scenario Analysis With STB: FSA prudential requirements include appropriate proactive stress testing of liquidity. At the moment the format this action should take is ...

Accelerated Stress Testing
Accelerated Stress Testing ... Accelerated Stress Testing. Intertek Solutions to Accelerated Stress Testing (AST) stress_testing/? lang=en

stress testing from FOLDOC
stress testing <> Testing aimed at investigating the behaviour of a software or hardware equipment in out of ordinary operating conditions. (1998-03-27)

Infoline-Stress Testing
A well organised and informative course” ... Omega Underwriting Agents “Well worth attending” ... NatWest Life & Assurance “The 'must go to' conference for anyone involved in pricing ... testing

Incisive Media Events
... sessions for credit, market and liquidity risk Various methodologies for credible and successful scenario analysis Latest updates on the regulatory perspective of stress testing ...

Intertek Automotive - Accelerated Stress Testing
Intertek Automotive - Accelerated Stress Testing. Intertek offers the widest range of Accelerated Stress Testing methodologies, including Failure Mode Verification Testing (FMVT), HALT/HASS ... acceleratedstresstesting

Basel II Consultancy - Scenario Analysis and Stress Testing
Basel II requires a capacity to stress test loan books under alternative scenarios. ... In the aftermath of the 1989-1991 recession in the housing market, the widespread introduction of ...

Stress Testing
Stress Testing Page ... Objectives of Stress Testing. Stress tests have one primary objective, and that is to determine the ...
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Stress testing
Stress testing definition, including other non-functional testing types such as scalability, load ... Stress testing and other non-functional testing terms. Load testing is often used as a synonym for ...

Software testing outsourcing
The independent software testing company that supplies outsourced assurance services for change programmes and IT development projects.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Software testing qualifications

Interesting article in Computer World about the value of Software Testing qualifications. At a recent visit to NZ, the president of the International Software Testing Qualifications Board (R. Black), told an audience of testers about his doubts over testing qualifications constructed by a single vendor or a few experts.

They look like an attempt to equip trainees to work with only one particular software suite or, even worse, a scheme to enable the sole source to sell software testing training courses, he said. Black went so far as to mention one purveyor of a testing qualification he doesn’t think cuts the mustard, QAI and its founder, William Perry. Missing parts of the syllabus showed this organisation was unacquainted with some decades of work in the field, Black said. “It basically represents Bill Perry’s ideas.”
However, Perry disagrees. “The software-testing certification is based upon the collective knowledge of the 1,000-plus IT organisations affiliated with QAI,” he wrote in an email to Computerworld New Zealand. “This knowledge is combined into a software testing CBOK (common body of knowledge) under the direction of an independent certification board. The current CBOK is now under revision and an updated version will be issued during mid-2008. Our CBOK has been compared independently with other software testing standards and includes almost all topics in these standards. “I am flattered that you think I alone was the only person involved in this effort. That is unfair to the many contributors.” Testers qualified on the basis of a limited pool of expertise would probably not acquit themselves well in a job where people have to collaborate with others trained using a more representative syllabus.
This sparked a discussion on how a trainee could judge the merit of a particular qualification. Look for openness, said Black. By this he meant a large body of people with mixed skills — from software developers and trainers to academics — who converse with and listen to one another, and are sometimes persuaded to change their opinions. This is a “marketplace of ideas” that is involved in the continuous evolution of the body of knowledge.
A poor qualification, on the other hand, usually reflects only “two or three people’s opinions”, he says — people who may be close associates and mutual admirers too.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Software Testing Code of Best Practice

Intellect have produced a software testing code of best practice which has already been signed up to by a number of large organisations (including Microsoft, BT Group, British Computer Society) as well as independent consultants. The code is produced as part of the drive to improve the ROI in IT and help make software testing programmes a success.

In the words of John Higgens (Director General of Intellect) "The code embodies standards of professionalism that all providers of testing services should endeavour to achieve. It reflects the verysignificant changes that are taking place in the field of software testing and will result in closer and more open customer-supplier relationships.

You can find a copy of the Software Testing Code of Best Practice here. In summary the code covers 10 commitments
  1. Requriements and specifications
  2. Types and Levels of testing
  3. Resourcing and professionalism
  4. Communication of progress and completeness
  5. Responsibilities and relationships
  6. Test completeness
  7. Testing independence
  8. Use of clearly defined processes
  9. Evidence of test progress
  10. Continuous improvement