Sunday, December 30, 2007

Software test tool

If you're the type of person who enjoys checking out demo version of software testing tools then you may be in interested in this post on PC Pro:

Product Type: Automated software testing

Target User: QA Tester/Developer

IT Problem: TestComplete is a comprehensive test automation solution for functional, regression, unit and load testing. Includes visual and scripted test generation and robust test management. Tests Windows 98-Vista, .NET, WPF, Delphi, Java, and Web applications.
IT Download Description: This IT download offers a complete solution, known as TestComplete, for automated functional, regression, unit, distributed and HTTP performance testing. Designed for use by developers and non-developers alike, TestComplete offers visual as well as programmatic ways to create robust automated software testing projects in any of 5 object-oriented scripting languages. It includes built-in data-driven, white-box testing and robust test management and supports testing of Win32, .NET, WPF, Java and Web applications on all versions of Windows from 98 to Vista.

Software test tools

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Test strategy questions

Interesting article on InformIT about the value of test strategies. Worth taking a look at. The extract below looks at the questions a test strategy should answer.

At the beginning of a software project, there are usually more questions and unknowns than answers. A long list of questions comes to mind at this stage, and working through the strategy helps to answer such questions. The test strategy should address at least the following major areas:
  • Scope. What do you need to test? It can be just as important to communicate what won’t be tested as what will be tested. Sometimes scope can help to answer the question, "To what extent do we test?"
  • Resources. Who is on the test team? Who is available to test? This information defines the testing resources. Sometimes the resources are unknown at the planning stage; perhaps resources are yet to be hired or will be outsourced. In these cases, it’s important to identify where resources are needed.
  • Skill set. What testing skills are needed for each component (or functional area) to be tested? Instead of planning testing based on who you have on staff, consider what skills the project needs, and determine from that information whether you need to add different skill sets and resources to your team.
  • Test environment. What environment will you use to test? Sometimes a test environment already exists, so the question seems extraneous. But sometimes this is one of the most difficult questions to resolve because the environment doesn’t exist, or the current environment isn’t adequate for the project.
  • Test data. What data will you use to test? Do you need a sampling of production data? (Can you even get your hands on a sampling of production data?) Sometimes a snapshot of production data is the normal fare for the test environment. Sometimes getting test data into the environment is one of the largest challenges for the project.
  • Volume. Do you need a volume of data? Planning for volume data often gets pushed aside until later in the project. But if this volume data is overlooked, resources and testing might be planned without appropriately considering volume and variety of test data.
  • Timeframes. When do you expect to get the first build to the test team? Timeline questions can be complicated to resolve early in the planning. High-level first-pass estimates are sometimes the best you can do. The advantage of early estimations isn’t focusing on specific dates, but rather planning ideas about how and what prerequisites might be needed to accomplish testing.
  • Defect process. What’s the process for reporting defects? Do you have a defect-reporting tool? Who can report a defect? You may have a well-established process but need to change it for this specific project. You may not have a process at all. If you need to build a new process or tool, I recommend referencing the process or tool in your test strategy document, but writing a separate document to address the defect process details.
  • Risk. What areas hold the most risk? When you peel back a product and investigate its core components, each component evolves into its own intriguing story, in which the number and types of tests begin to unfold in your mind. And with those test ideas, associated risks and impact come to light, which feeds back into the strategic planning.

Software testing UK market

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Test manager job

If you're a test manager and you are looking for statistics about test management jobs then you could visit the Jobs Watch site

As well as lots of information about trends in number of test manager job vacancies advertised (which is slightly down on the same period last year) and average test management job salaries (which is slightly up on the same period last year) there is more detailed data. Did you know that nearly half (48.02%) of all jobs listed were for test management roles in the UK were in London? Or that ISEB was mentioned in nearly a third (29.67%) of jobs for test managers.

It also covers other attributes in the descriptions of the job vacancies posted, such as methods and processes, vendors, system software, applications, development technologies, compliance and QA, programming languages (?) and qualifications. I was not surprised to see that only 0.027% of all test manager roles cited a need for MiFID experience whereas Sarbanes Oxley was mentioned in 0.43% of jobs. That's 16 times as many. Either way its good to see regulation is still a fringe area in test management.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Quality Assurance and Testing

Top ten searches for Quality Assurance and Testing in

Quality assurance - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
... products, quality assurance is a part and consistent pair of quality management ... 2 Quality assurance activities. 2.1 Failure testing. 2.2 Statistical control ...
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Mozilla Quality Assurance (Maintained by Gerv) Who We Are and What We Do ... The team testing Mozilla XPInstall technology. - 11k

Quality control - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
2 Quality Assurance. 2.1 Failure testing. 2.2 Statistical control. 2.3 Company quality ... Quality Assurance has evolved, and the achievement of quality or ...
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Testing & Quality Assurance
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Quality assurance and testing
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Independent software testing consultancy providing a full portfolio of outsourced software testing services. ... elapsed time spent testing and the time spent - 7k

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Software quality assurance testing
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Quality Assurance
... designing an effective quality assurance programme and training ... Quality Assurance. Risk Management. Systems Certification. Testing. Training. Industry - 31k - Cach

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Acceptance testing

Top ten results searching MSN with "Acceptance testing"

acceptance testing from FOLDOC
acceptance testing <> Formal testing conducted to determine whether a system satisfies its acceptance criteria and thus whether the customer should accept the system.

user acceptance testing from FOLDOC
user acceptance testing <> The type of testing where monitored users determine whether a system meets all their requirements, and will support the business for which it ...

Acceptance testing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In engineering and its various subdisciplines , acceptance testing is black-box testing performed on a system (e.g. software, lots of manufactured mechanical parts, or batches of ... test

User Acceptance Testing training
User acceptance testing training course for anyone involved in this stage or the earlier phases that contribute to a successful UAT. It slao can cover customer acceptance testing ...

Acceptance testing
Acceptance testing is formal testing conducted to enable an authorised entity to determine whether to accept a system or component. Glossary defintion.

Show more results from

Router Acceptance Testing
Router Acceptance Testing November 2000 testing2.html

User Acceptance Testing
Summary / Objectives QA-IQ's User Acceptance Testing course offers training in the methods and procedures required by staff who are engaged in the key user acceptance phase of an ... UAT-2&PrintFriendly=True

User Acceptance Testing
Summary / Objectives QA-IQ's User Acceptance Testing course offers training in the methods and procedures required by staff who are engaged in the key user acceptance phase of an ... UAT-2

User Acceptance Testing advice and courses
Offers website engineering, training and general web design services. Includes articles, company information on contact details.">

User Acceptance Testing training course (UAT) for operational users
The two day User Acceptance Testing training course which gives practical skills to business users who are about to accept a system. It teaches the theory and practice of ...

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