Sunday, October 26, 2008

Load and stress test

Adax Europe, an industry leader in high performance signalling infrastructure, has announced that its HDCII-PMC solution is being deployed by Nexus Telecom to further improve the high performance of its load and stress testing system for telecom manufacturers and operators in a press release at Web IT PR.

Nexus Telecom specialises in service assurance, mediation, revenue assurance and network & service testing solutions. Following rigorous evaluation of available boards from different suppliers, Nexus chose the Adax HDCII-PMC solution over its competitors because of its ability to support Vx Works’ real-time operating system, while providing Nexus Telecom the necessary integration and flexibility required in meeting its market challenges. The Adax HDCII-PMC is a high-density, high-performance solution ideal for narrowband signalling applications.

Nexus Telecom believes Adax is highly competitive on various access technologies in the telecom market. The Adax HDCII-PMC provides the ideal foundation for test systems, with support for multiple protocols and the scalability and high performance essential to telecom manufacturers and operators conducting intense and thorough network tests.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Customer Experience Testing

Top five results when searching MSN for "Customer Experience Testing"

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