Saturday, February 28, 2009

Performance testing with HP Version 9.5

HP has released Version 9.5 of Performance Center, its integrated testing tool set for IT applications. This release of Hewlitt Packard's load and stress testing tool adds a number of new features including:
  • granular trend analysis across application development and implementation iterations
  • testing functionality for Web 2.0 applications based on Adobe's AMF
  • protocol detection for testing operation automation
HP have said these are to align the testing product with the changing software development market place. These include Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Rich Internet Applications (RIA). They also emphasised the growing trend to move from traditional application development approaches, such as waterfall, to agile development and testing methods.

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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Stress testing

Top 5 results from searching Goolge UK pages for Stress testing software:

Software testing services - Acutest
UK software testing consultancy, providing outsourced technical and business assurance services. These include performance and load testing, user acceptance ...

Stress testing services
Stress testing service for software applications, IT systems and network infrastructure (including load and performance testing, scalability and volume ...

Open source performance testing tools
An open-source web site stress test tool. Simulates multiple user types and counts. .... A distributed software testing architecture based on CORBA. ...

DDN/ICI Stress Test Software - What does DISTRESS stand for ...
Definition of DDN/ICI Stress Test Software in the list of acronyms and abbreviations provided by the Free Online Dictionary and Thesaurus.

[PDF] Cost-effective stress testing of mission-critical web applications
stress-testing software to identify. specific areas of concern within ... Cost-effective – Most stress testing. software is prohibitively expensive and ...

stress testing software, web site stress testing,web server stress ... For stress testing software, web site stress testing & web server stress testing tools and applications, Elemental Creative Ltd provides a wide variety of ...

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Sunday, February 08, 2009

Performance Testing Center Of Excellence

I read about an interesting survey here. It covers performance testing centres of excellence (CoE). Well actually it covers a performance testing center of excellence but only the really pedantic would mind this slight difference. The article stated that:

having a CoE helped to prioritise, centralise, and standardise performance testing across the enterprise. They typically returned their investment in 12 months and required a modest headcount: mostly under 19, and on average 11. A CoE not only improves performance, it improves quality awareness in the organisation.

That's a great Return on Investment (ROI) particularly palatable in these recessionary times. So why aren't there more companies with these performance testing centers of excellence?