Thursday, November 17, 2011

AlterSite multi-browser test support

SmartBear Software (testing tool supplier of QAcomplete and TestComplete) have enhanced AlertSite, their web and mobile performance monitoring solution, to support testing on IE and Firefox browsers.

"Organisations can now test, monitor and improve how their website is performing across both browsers to ensure customers are getting an optimal user experience, no matter their browser preference.

The AlertSite built-into-the-browser transaction recorder captures and plays back user events to measure the end-user experience exactly as it unfolds in the browser. Now users can record any multi-step transaction or click stream and play it back on multiple browsers to simulate user experience. Unlike other Web monitoring tools that require separate recording processes for each browser, AlertSite users can simply record once and monitor from both Firefox and Internet Explorer across multiple locations."

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Soasta and Selenium

An recent article in Dr Dobbs identified that Soasta has added Selenium-based functional testing capabilities to its branded CloudTest platform. This extends their open-source testing tool by providing test recording functionality and other features such as the ability to test in distributed environments and new analytics.