Saturday, March 31, 2007

Testing advice on starting a web 2.0 company

Here is an interesting article on Programming and Starting a Web 2.0 Company.

It looks at what to do if you want to start such a company but know zip all about programming. And that includes zip all about application software testing too. Interestingly when it comes to advice about testing it includes it in the section on coding practice:

"Always have a security evaluation of the code built into the project, and have someone else do the security evaluation. There are many companies that can verify that code is built according to modern safe coding practices, and that the acceptance testing is not just a functional test, but a core review of the code in raw form and in use. Many good solid companies do this kind of work and will work with you and the developers to find a solution to the problems discovered. If the code is not written well or securely, your code may exhibit unusual behaviors that will let a hacker deep into your network.

Functional testing, make sure the code meets all the functions that were originally contracted for. Never accept incomplete code, the outsource company should be insured against non-delivery of the project. If the developer defaults, you loose time, but should be able to get back your investment in the code via insurance, and maybe even get what code they did write. "

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Software testing conference

This year's Asia Pacific Software Conference is on March 27th and 28th in Singapore. Among the papers submitted are:

  • Objective measurable criteria in software testing projects using QUASI framework
  • An Approach to Exploratory Testing
  • Developing an Enterprise Testing Center of Excellence
  • Requirements Management, Models and Metrics
  • Software Testing Strategy in CMMI Level 5 Organization
  • Testing Centre of Excellence (TCOE) - a Unique Model to Software Testing Services
  • Test Automation and Infrastructure for Network Processor Software
  • Effective Test Planning
  • Software Testing and CMMI
  • Testing for Large Projects
  • Test Automation Framework Development
  • Test Strategy and Automation for Complex Systems
  • Web Test Automation with Selenium
  • Performance Testing - Dispensable?
  • Managing Quality of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Implementations
  • A Reconnaissance Approach to Support Regression
  • Using ODC Impacts for a Customer Centric Approach to Testing
  • Aim, Assess and Improve the Testing Process
  • Defect Analysis: An Approach to Improve Software Development Life Cycle

For more information visit the software testing conference site here

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Functional test tool

Interesting item about an innovative test tool in electronics talk. It's called ScanExpress JET and its from Corelis.

"It combine boundary-scan and functional test technologies to achieve higher test coverage. Dubbed JTAG Emulation Test (JET), the software combines common pin and net-level diagnostics using boundary-scan testing with CPU emulation testing through its JTAG port. This provides functional test capabilities for designs using JTAG compatible CPUs to even non-JTAG peripheral components including analogue parts connected within the CPU address and I/O space.
This means that sound structural tests for opens and shorts can be performed via boundary-scan while at-speed functional testing can be performed using the CPU to run test programs loaded into memory.
Before loading test programs into on-board memory, ScanExpress JET is using a proprietary technique to test the on-board memory at speed without loading any code into this memory.

ScanExpress JET carries existing boundary-scan testing to the next level.
Because no single test technology offers 100% test coverage, test engineers are constantly looking at ways to combine the strengths of each test methodology and maximise the overall testability of their products.
ScanExpress JET now offers a feasible way to close the gap between boundary-scan testing and functional testing.
Using a single software and hardware tool to combine the two technologies reduces test integration time yet still provides greater test coverage.
Users can access prebuilt functional tests or create functional test scripts from scratch to test non-standard parts."

Application load testing

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Performance load testing

Top ten results from for "Performance load testing":

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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Software testing FAQ - No. 23

Did you know that software testing is an anagram of Dan Quale superhero?

That question (or statement poorly disguised as a question) was sent in by Danforth Quale.

We used to get a lot of questions from politicians but this is the first from an American politician. The answer is no. No I did not know that. And the reason I didn't know it, is because it is wrong. Forges neat twits is an anagram of software testing. So is got finest waster. But Dan Quale superhero is not.

Incidentally an anagram of Danforth Quale is Half Quota Nerd.