Saturday, October 28, 2006

ERP SAP and user acceptance testing

There is an article at WebProNews that looks at the risks of implementing an ERP system, particularly SAP.

"The project manager and the team started gathering requirements from end users through focus groups, workshops, sessions with SMEs, etc. After obtaining all the details from end users you can easily conclude that you have all the necessary information and requirements to successfully implement the "to be" software system erroneously. During UAT (User's Acceptance Testing) you can find out that the system does not meet all the end user's expectations as well as the participants of UAT are unable to authorize your implemented solution previously. "

For the full article visit here.

User Acceptance Testing services UK

Saturday, October 21, 2006

HP integrate Mercury

Here is an interesting interview with Steve McWhirter, VP, HP Software Asia Pacific and Japan

Asked how the integration of Mercury into HP is going he replied:

While buying a company, there are a few things that should be looked at. It should be profitable, have a good revenue flow, good installed user base and ideally one that has minimum technical overlap. Mercury fits all these criteria so it’s a very good acquisition. In the next couple of months the Mercury integration will take place. All Mercury employees would be signed on to HP board by February 1, 2007.

We are strong in network management but are not strong in areas like application management and Mercury is very strong in that. So if we put both of these together we get an end-to-end infrastructure story, which is what customers’ want. Together we would also take care of other areas like governance and compliance and asset management. We now have a very complete portfolio and our existing customers are very happy about it. For us it is almost a doubling in people size so it’s a substantial jump in people size from the software point of view for HP. In APAC, 280 people are coming onboard from Mercury. Mercury also has an office in India with staff strength of 30.

Selecting software testing tools

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Independent testing company

Top ten results from searching Google UK for "Independent testing company"

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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Application performance testing and management

There is an interesting article on application performance management at CBR.

It starts with the sad fact that:

"for all of the advice that has been offered over the years by analysts, vendors and even the media, only an estimated 20% of companies have automated their software testing processes. "

The article is not about automated software testing and covers comments from leading vendors in the applications management and optimisation arena, such as Mercury Interactive and Compuware. It concludes:

"There is a great deal of logic in the goal of more proactive applications management. So much so, in fact, that Mercury now talks about the importance of the 'application performance lifecycle'. Historically it may have been good enough simply to fix application problems after a customer or employee complaint, but a more proactive approach is likely to save both of those groups a lot of unnecessary inconvenience - and help get the IT department out of fire-fighting mode. As a next step, feeding application performance metrics post-production into the development function and vice versa could help companies to see the benefit of 'closed loop' application performance management."