Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Testing as a Service for contact centers

I have just been reading about a new service from Empirix called “Testing as a Service”. As the name suggests its a testing service, but more specifically it’s a Quality Assurance (QA) solution for contact centers (I think these are what the good old call centre used to be) installing new plaforms or upgrading/refreshing existing technology.

The Empirix Testing as a Service, is scalable: it allows contact centres of all sizes (even to large contact centers) to determine the quality of the customer experience as well as the overall performance to ensure the ROI for a contact center. The testing service is highly adaptable and covers the complete contact center infrastructure.

Testing as a Service uses Empirix’s Hammer Test Engine., for both in and out-of-service testing and in-service monitoring basis. There is also a secure, real time reporting function to monitor the testing activities of Empirix’s Testing as a Service.

For more information you can visit Empirix