Sunday, July 26, 2009

Software testing books

Looking at software testing books, I came across some interesting lists at As well as a list on software testing books list there were lists of automated testing books, QA books and a host of other IT topics like project management and risk management. But back to the software testing list. The top five books in the list, which are the ones most recommended by the site, had a mini review. For those interested in the choices they are:

  1. Lessons Learned in Software Testing, by C. Kaner, J. Bach, and B. Pettichord (2001)
  2. Testing Computer Software, by C. Kaner, J. Falk, and H. Nguyen (1999)
  3. Perfect Software and Other Illusions About Testing, by G. Weinberg (2008)
  4. How to Break Web Software, by M. Andrews and J. Whittaker (2006)
  5. Testing Applications on the Web, by H. Nguyen, R. Johnson, and M. Hackett (2003)

If you want to see the reviews, you can visit the site. Or better still get the book and make up your own mind.