Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Software Planner: New version of SDLC management tool

Software Planner has released a version with significant new enhancements for all stages of the SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle). New features include:

  • Advanced workflow support, which allows the you to configure business rules with the Software Planner SDLC testing tool, to define and manage the status and transition of data items. The example given with the new release is creating new defects: you may want to automatically assign a status of New and set mandatory requirements for some attributes (such as name and description) when a defect is raised. Once the defect has been assigned the status would change, progressing ideally to Resolved with the tool configured to require data items such as a resolution description are input before it can be closed.
  • The new release of Software Planner is integrated with Microsoft Visual Source Safe. Defects can be associated with the source code that was fixed due to the defect. This allows you to determine what source code models are affected by specific types of defects, making analysis of code impact easier to understand.
  • More robust reporting, including many new defect, test case, functional specification and project management reports. The newer reports allow trending of defects, test cases and functional specifications over time, allowing teams to spot trends and determine if the quality of their software is improving as the project progresses towards production. Software Planner has also been integrated with Business Objects Crystal Reports, so you can create your own reports and post them into Software Planner for others to use. You can also import reports from other SQL based databases (like Oracle, SQL Server, etc), allowing Software Planner to double as a full reporting solution for all areas of your business.