Saturday, April 08, 2006

Nokia blames software testing for hardware delays

Interesting story from Zdnet.

Strange but when I read it, I think they are not blaming software testing for hardware delays. In fact, they are probably thanking software testing for finding software problems which were so critical they needed to be fixed before the handsets could be shipped. Anyway, make up your own mind. Here's the full story:

Issues with the software on the Finnish firm's latest devices meant initial deadlines were missed, but the phones are almost here. Handset maker Nokia said on Monday that six of its new smart phones missed their planned first-quarter shipping deadlines due to software problems with the devices.
The company said the models — three of its multimedia N-series handsets and three E-series phones aimed at business users — would start shipping to customers in the near future.
The company's premium music phone, the N91, will start shipping this week, Nokia Multimedia division spokesman Kari Tuutti said, adding that the N71 and N80 phones will start deliveries in the next two weeks or so.
Nokia had originally planned to have the N91 in the shops in time for last year's Christmas-shopping season. But last September, the company said it was delaying shipments until the first quarter of 2006 while it worked on some software problems.
The phone has a 4GB hard drive.
"Because the devices are pocketable computers, we need to make sure of the software," Tuutti said.
Pekka Isosomppi, spokesman for Nokia's Enterprise division, said the company missed its late March target to start shipping its E60, E61 and E71 models. It was testing their software and expected to start shipments within the next few weeks.
The phones are part of the Finnish company's plan to win more of the corporate market, which is dominated by Research In Motion's BlackBerry.
"The basic issue is really about the interoperability of various enterprise applications...(such as) email device management and so on," Isosomppi said. "They all need to be cross-tested against one another."