Friday, January 20, 2006

Software testing papers - open season

Hardly have we posted one call for white papers and presentations on software testing than another one appears. If they run true to form a third will be along any moment now. In the meantime enjoy this one for the 14th EuroSTAR conference on Software Testing Analysis & Review.

The theme this year is something or other about dreaming. In breaks from these relaxing trances (hopefully not induced by the same methods that Samuel Taylor Coleridge used to induce his trances - which is way too illegal to seriously consider) give some thoughts to:

Software testing processes:
"how do we organise software testing and how do we process software? How do we measure quality? And this year we add the question, how do we ensure that our processes help our people to be a better team? How do we decide the go or no go of software together? How do we communicate?"

Software testing tools:
"how do we deploy and apply software testing tools as means to increase our productivity in making software? And again this year, we will look for the testing tools and functionality that we use to facilitate team work. Clear metrics, sound reporting, shared repositories will be looked at from a people-supporting point of view."

Software testers:
"how do we organise and manage people, insuring that they become passionate about making software? This year we investigate what it takes to turn an involved co-worker into a concerned or even passionate software engineering professional."

Read full web version of the Call for Papers and then contact Mary Duggan
(Programme Administrator, email: ).