Thursday, November 10, 2005

Software testing FAQ - No. 6

I saw a programme on TV last night called "Software Testers from Hell". They were talking about a software tester who was really, really, really pedantic and who's motto was "They shall not pass". Imagine my horror when a picture of me came on the screen and two project managers threw pies at it. I will be writing to the so called "makers" of that programme to complain. For a start that is not my motto. My motto is "Ils ne passeront pas". My question is do you know the address to send a letter of complaint to?

That one was from Philippe P├ętain.

Well, Philippe, if the programme was on Channel 4, they have advice on how to complain . What delicious irony to use this advice in constructing a complaint to them. If it wasn't on Channel 4 you could send your whinging complaint to former pop star Morissey and he may choose to sing about it. Light on irony but I bet you would feel great if you helped him back to his former status as the greatest whinger in British Pop..

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