Thursday, October 13, 2005

Software Testing FAQ - No. 4

Is it possible to get pirated copies of free defect management tools like Bugzilla or Tracker ?

That question came from former Brotherhood of Man singer, Sandra.Well Sandra, if you follow the links you will find out how to get copies of these tools. There are loads of free defect management tools but I can't remember what they are all called. Perhaps informed readers could send me a list. I have not seen any pirated copies though. Maybe you could mention it to pirates next time you meet some. There is a definite gap in the market there.

Did you know that Johnny Kidd and the Pirates were claiming to be pirates long before software piracy became popular! They were probably "Shakin' all over" because they'd heard that FAST (Federation Against Software Theft) was going to be created a mere 23 years after they released this song and would probably catch them and kick their butts.

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