Saturday, September 30, 2006

Testing computer software

Testing computer software by Kaner, Falk & Nguyen is a well regarded book.

"f you read only one book on software testing, read this book. Many books will tell you how to test when you have enough time and cooperation. This book tells you what to do when the schedule is tight, the specification is missing, and the developers are tired of your focus on problems." Brett Pettichord Software Testing Hotlist

"This is, simply, the best book for the product tester or the testing lead. The reason for that is exemplified by chapter 5, "Reporting and Analyzing Bugs". I don't know of any other testing book that devotes a full chapter to this essential topic." Testing Foundations Brian Marick

"I think the greatest strength of the book is that it is rooted in genuine experience. We wrote about stuff that had worked for us, failed for us, or was complicated for us -- and that we had a broader understanding of based on reading and discussions with other testers. Too many other writers describe things they have never done, and authoritatively prescribe things that will rarely work or that are much more complex than appears in the description. " Author Cem Kaner in Sticky Minds

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